Cat Eye Makeup

Regarding an eye beauty invention that was released in the 1920s and still continue to be amazing, we are talking about the cat eye makeup. Thanks to Josephine barker, cat eye becomes too popular after it is paired with dramatic lush lashes. After that, celebrities like Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot who applied cat eye makeup and were amazed by how beautiful and attractive it looks like helped to make it more popular and attracted women all over the world to try applying the wing of the cat eye makeup.

Nowadays, the cat eye makeup still strong enough to attract women interested in the beauty of their eyes. What make it be more attractive than the other classic winged liner appearance is its dramatic appearance. To look like a real cat eye, both the top lash line and the bottom lash line are lined by an eyeliner. Different eyeliner types could be used for this purpose, either a cream, liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner. Some makeup artists who apply the cat eye makeup on celebrities including Elle Leary and Emily Oliver ensured that this eye makeup look could be applied by anyone not just celebrities. All what you will want are three elements:

  • A business card
  • Your eyeliner
  • An angled eyeliner brush

The way to apply cat eye makeup doesn’t differ from one to one, steps are the same but the line thickness and the wing length will differ according to the shape of your eye.

How to apply cat eye makeup

There are three main steps that are general for all shapes of eyes, after that it comes to determine where to apply the wing and how much you need to apply.

First step

use your business card and get its edge close to your upper lash line bottom corner. The business card shouldn’t be horizontal or downward, it should face up for 45 degree or more so the wing will be directed upward.

Second step

use your selected eyeliner to make a line starting from the end of your lash, along your business card edge and going up and outward to get close to your eyebrow outer edge.

Third step

make sure that you have lined your top lash line until it reaches your inner corner to be closer to the lash line, then use the eyeliner to line also your bottom lash line. The empty area between the lined top lash line and the lined bottom lash line should be filled with your eyeliner.

what type is your eye

The previous steps are general and applied in all cases, now you need to know what type is your eye to determine how the wing should be made.

Wide-set eyes

Wide-set eyes for Cat eye makeup

If you want to apply a cat eye makeup, you should know that you will apply the dramatic wing in such a way that will widen your eyes. If you already have a wide-set eyes, the application of a cat eye makeup will cause your eyes to appear like over widen. So you will need to minimize this widen effect as much as possible. To do that, apply a short upward wing. Then, use your eyeliner to line your eyes inner lower lash line and your eyes inner upper lash line. But if you use a liquid eyeliner, try to extend the short line a little bit to balance your look.

Close-set eyes

Close-set eyes for Cat eye makeup

In contrast to the cat eye makeup for the wide-set eyes that focused on drawing the line inward to minimize wideness, you will need to draw the line outward when you apply a cat eye makeup on a close-set eye. The line should be drawn longer and a little bit horizontal so that you close-set eyes will look wider. A common mistake some women do is to make the liner near to their eyes inner corners, this will hinder the purpose of widen their eyes. So, the liner should be focusing outward as you want your eyes to open.

Small eyes

Small eyes for Cat eye makeup

Some women with small eyes use their eyeliner and mistakenly make a tight line. This will line their small eyes and make them appear smaller. So, it is recommended to outface the drawn line. In this case, it would be better to use a liquid eye shadow instead of a pencil eyeliner. The liquid eye shadow will help to open your eyes with additional structure and without closing the eyelid. But if you plan to use a pencil eyeliner, you need to use it in a different way. Use a waterproof pencil to line the top eyelids then push it to the top lashes of the eyelids, then add a wing and outface it to look more smoked-out and widen your eyes area.

Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes for Cat eye makeup

To apply a cat eye makeup on the hooded eyes, make sure that the drawn line is thick as much as possible because once you open these eyes, the drawn line won’t appear if it was small. Use your eyeliner for your top lash line but try not to use it for your bottom lash line as this will make your eyes appear if they are too small. Instead of using it for the bottom lash line, you can just use it on the outer edge of your eye bottom lash line.

Almond eyes

Almond eyes for Cat eye makeup

The purpose of applying a cat eye makeup on almond eyes is to allow them to look bigger and longer. To look bigger, the drawn line should cover about two-third of your eyes, and to look longer, the drawn line should be thin along the length. The end of the line should be with a semi-dramatic wing.

Upward turned eyes

Upward turned eyes for Cat eye makeup

This shape is similar to the shape of the almond eyes. It differs only by having a naturally upward drawn lift at their outer corners. So applying a cat eye makeup on this eye shape is too much easy. You will just go outward along with the natural upward lift.

Downward turned eyes

Downward turned eyes for Cat eye makeup

In contrast to the upward turned eyes, downward turned eyes droop at the eyes outer corners. You will need to apply a wing to make a lifting effect. Just start drawing the line from the middle of your eyes and go outward by a 45-degree angle.


Monolids for Cat eye makeup

This is a rare eye shape that comes without a crease. Use your eyeliner and start drawing a line from appoint that is very close to your lash line, then apply a thick and elongated wing to define your eyes and give them a specific shape and length. To round your eyes, the drawn line should be thick in the middle and short at the wing, this will make your eyes look like if they are curved.

For so, when you think about applying a cat eye makeup, don’t start directly. At first, determine what type of eyes do you have and what the perfect way to apply the cat eye makeup on them, then go on.

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