Hair Style For baby

If you are a mother of a sweet little baby, your daily interest will focus only on how to care about your baby and care about his or her beautiful appearance. A hair style for baby either your little baby girl or your little baby boy is a major beauty trigger that needs to focus on. Up to 2 years old age babies have access to many hair styles, you can choose the best hair style for baby that fits your baby. For this, we will help you with many hair styles to choose between either for your baby girl or your baby boy. These styles will enhance your creativity to care about the hair style of your little prince or your little princes. Some of these styles are just made for babies, while others are just a version of a trendy men hairstyles customized for babies.

Hair style for baby girl

Hail style for baby girl

When you think about the best hair style for baby girl, you will need first to know what style is perfect for the type of your baby girl’s hair.

Flower headband

This hair style for baby girl is a common easy classic hair style that is applied usually on little baby girls who are less than one year, regardless the hair type or size of your baby girl, a flower headband will make it awesome.

Side-swept bangs with French braid

If you have a baby girl with a hair that is medium in length and with a fringe that always slides on her face, so you may always think how to keep the bangs off her face with a beautiful hair style. Just sweep her hair to a specific side and make a side braid with a band at the end to make it constant.

High ponytails for black babies

This style for baby girl is the best for black baby girls. They always cry because of the hot feeling they get especially in hot days as a result of their super curly hair. To help them this curly hair should be tied up as much as possible using a funky bow.

Flat twists with braided band

While cornrows are one of the most complicated baby girl hair styles to apply, flat twists could be a substitution for them as they could be easier to apply. Start by separating the hair on the top of your baby girl head and convert them to some braids to make the flat twists. Until you reach the point where you will make the braided band, stop and start to make the braided band from the hair above your baby’s ear. Let the braided band cross the flat twists and leave the rest of the hair free.

Braids and ponytails for fine hair

If you are creative enough and your baby girl has a very short and soft hair, you will be able to convert this soft hair into a beautiful complex hair style. Separate between four sections in the front hair of your baby and make four ponytails with these four sections. Braid all the four ponytails and let the go the length of the hair to meet and be tied in a simple ponytail.

Multi ponytails with a bow

This hair style is easy and popular to apply. The hair is divided into some sections, the smaller section is tied by a pigtail while the other three or four sections will be horizontal. Then a ponytail is made to attach all others and ends by a big bow.

Flat twist with two knots

This hair style is recommended for baby girls with short hair. The smallest part of their hair is pulled to its side and tied by making a high knot. Regarding the basic section of your baby girl’s hair, you can make a flat twist and pull it to the same position of the first knot but on the other part of your baby’s head, then make the second knot.

Hair style for baby boy

Hair style for baby boy

Regarding the best hair style for baby boy, we classified different styles according to the possible type your baby boy may acquire.

Shaved sides

If your baby boy has a thin and soft hair on the sides of his head, so shaving these sides with a long bangs at the middle will give your baby an amazing look.

Medium length hair cut

This style doesn’t need haircuts or shaving, it is just applied by sweeping the short part of your baby’s hair to one side and sweeping the longer part to the other side. This style will allow the hair of your baby to grow beautifully and your baby himself will feel comfortable with this style.

Toddler under cut

This style is primarily customized for baby boys with faces that are round or oval-shaped. The sides are shaved until being balanced with the long hair in the middle. This long hair is naturally sliding into the front.


This is a trendy hair style that is perfect for baby boys with short and soft hair. By using a hair gel and sweeping all the hair from the sides to the middle, the sides will be soft while the middle will be about 2-3 inches high. Your baby boy will look such like rock stars with this effortless hair style.

Ivy League crew cut with spiked front

This is a version for baby boys of a trendy hair style for men. The sides of the hair are cut while the front part of the hair left long for about 2-3 inches the bangs in the middle could be swept to the side while the front part of the hair is spiked. This hair style would be perfect for causal and formal occasions.

Natural curly hair

Baby boys with curly hair may be treated mistakenly by trying to cut these curly hair until being too short or by using hair products to change the style of the hair. In fact, curly hair has become a trending style nowadays. Instead of cutting it or changing it, it should be left to grow up until the baby boys will later become a handsome and stylish kids.

Undercut pompadour

This is the style of today’s models. It will be also great for your baby boy. While the sides are shaved, the undercut could be toned to the sides with little volume on the top of the head. If your baby boy has a thick and long hair, this hair style will be the perfect to apply.

These hair styles are amazing for your little baby boy or baby girl, try to apply what is suitable for the hair type of your baby. But who knows, you may be more creative and have other ideas to implement. If you do, you can kindly discuss it in the comments to be beneficial for other mothers.

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