The Comprehensive Guide How To Take Off Gel Nails?

Your nails have grown out? Did you notice that your gel polish looks overgrown? So, it’s time to ask yourself “how to take off gel nails? “, Rather than trying to peel off your gel polish. Gel polish is not similar to regular polish, peeling it off has a negative effect that will results in week nails.

By peeling off, you are not only removing gel, you are also removing the layers of your nail bed that can lead to nail damage. If it was your habit to peel off rather than to remove, so it’s time to stop it and ask yourself how to remove gel nails.

Gel nails as a beauty invention

There is nothing better than gel nails as a beauty invention until now. In term of longevity, no other regular nail lacquer could compete with gel manicure. You would hope if you can keep them all the time until you face the unfavorable stage, which is removing old polish to get a new one.

Is it better to remove gel nails by a professional? Sure it is but only if you have the budget that can afford going to a higher-end nail spa. If you select going to a cheap salon, they can cause some damage to your nails. But if you find out that you can remove gel nails at home without the need of going to a salon either cheap or expensive and without causing damage to your nails, you will be in favor of this way even if it takes some time and patience.

How to remove gel nails quickly?

Because gel nail polish stay for long time more than normal nail polish, it becomes hard to remove. to break down shellac nail polish that are also called gel nail polish you may select to buy acetone from a local pharmacy or you can buy a special gel nail remover to be able to remove them quickly.

5 gel nail polish removers

Sally Hansen polish remover

Sally Hansen polish remover for Take Off Gel Nails

A gentler powerful gel nail polish remover than liquid acetone but not as strong as pure acetone removers. The positive side is that it doesn’t leave your nails dry and also it works quickly.

Super nail

Super nail for Take Off Gel Nails

A pure acetone gel polish remover that is considered the easiest way to remove nail polish quickly even the toughest types. But what is unfavorable about this product is drying out cuticles.

ONYX professional

ONYX professional for Take Off Gel Nails

A fast- acting acetone gel polish remover that needs just minutes to soak off gel polish. It could be used also for prepping nails before gel. But some people don’t prefer this product because it makes fingers very cold while soaking.


Gelish for Take Off Gel Nails for Take Off Gel Nails

A gel polish remover that takes about 15 minutes to soak off gel polish. Some people recommend this product because it doesn’t dry out your cuticles and it is not harsh on your skin. But, it consumes more time than pure acetone removers.


Nailene for Take Off Gel Nails

A gel polish remover that contains vitamins A and E in addition to eucalyptus oil that hydrates nails. It must be left on nails for several minutes before it starts to work so, it is not considered one of the quickest gel polish removers but it does the job without drying out your nails.

Before deciding what product you would select, you should take into consideration features of gel nail polish remover and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each feature. Then you will find what the most suitable product is for you.

Features of gel nail polish remover

  1. Acetone VS. acetone-free



  • A flammable liquid solvent that takes off nail polish.
  • Every acetone gel nail polish remover contains a percentage of acetone, the higher the percentage the more quickly it takes off gel nail polish.
  • Frequent use of acetone nail polish remover dries out cuticles.



  • Include weaker solvent than acetone.
  • Use natural oil to moisturize nails.
  • Not as quickly as acetone nail polish removers.
  • Don’t harm your skin or dry out cuticles.

 2.  Liquid, pad, brush


Liquid To Take Off Gel Nails

  • The majority of gel nail polish removers are liquid
  • used by soaking a cotton ball and apply it to the nail
  • The least expensive.



  • Come in containers of 10 pads or more.
  • No need to apply gel nail polish remover to a cotton ball.



  • Come in a small tub with brush and a sponge that covers the opening of the tub.
  • More convenient than a bottle of liquid but it costs more.

Now, it’s time to discuss the steps that should be followed to remove your gel nail polish.

Step 1: Gather required tools together

  • Acetone
  • 10 pieces of aluminum foil
  • 10 Cotton balls
  • Cuticle oil or lotion and coconut oil
  • Nail clippers
  • Nail file
  • Double edged buffer
  • Wooden cuticle pusher or orange stick

Step 2: stay in a well-ventilated area

A well-ventilated area is important not to breathe in all that acetone for about 30 minutes doing the removal process.

Step 3: File your nails

Pick up your nail file and gently start to buff down the top coat of the gel. Be careful and don’t be in a rush not to cause harm to the cuticles and surrounding skin. Be patient and do a fair amount of buffing as this will reduce the time you are supposed to need for soaking your nails in acetone. After removing the top coat of your gel, wash your hands to clean them.

Step 4: protect your skin

Use a cuticle oil or lotion, spread it on the cuticle area and skin surrounding your nails to form a seal that will protect your skin from the drying effect of soaking later with acetone.

Step 5: Soak your nails

Use acetone to saturate a cotton ball then put the cotton ball on your fingernail. You don’t need a lot of cotton for this step, you just need to cover the surface of the nail. Use aluminum foil to wrap your fingertips covered by cotton balls to keep the cotton balls in place. Apply the previous step on all of your nails. Wait about 15 minutes for soaking but if the gel polish has been on your finger nails for a long time you may extend time to about 20 minutes.

Step 6: remove aluminum foil and cotton balls

Press the aluminum foil and move the cotton ball slowly across your fingernails. Gently remove both cotton ball and foil from all of your fingernails but try to preserve their shapes as you may need them later. You will find that most or all gel polish will come off your fingernails with the cotton ball. If some of gel polish did not come off your fingernails, don’t worry as they will be soft enough to be scraped from the nail using a wooden cuticle pusher or orange stick. Don’t use a metal cuticle pusher instead of the wooden cuticle pusher because it expose your actual nails to be scraped also. But if the gel remains too hard to come off, you will have to wrap them again to soak for additional minutes.

Step 7: Buff your nails

Finally, your nails are gel-free. It is recommended to wash your hands after removing your gel polish to remove any residual acetone. To restore your fingernails to their natural state, use the buffer to smooth gently the surface of your nails.

Step 8: Hydration

After the use of acetone in this 15 to 20 minutes process, your nails will be dry. To allow your nails to breathe, use coconut oil to soak your nails for 5 to 7 minutes then apply the cuticle oil on beds of your nails to rehydrate them.


Now and after you managed to remove gel nails you are expected to think about getting a new gel manicure. But you are required to give your nails a week or two-week break before doing the new gel manicure to allow them to grow and breathe.

If you still have points to ask about regarding “how to take off gel nails?” question or you find that any part of the article needs more explaining, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment and I will attach your comment with the reasonable answer.

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