What are solar nails?

The desire to have a beautiful appearance from clothing to hands is considered a settled feeling inside every women. For so, your fingernails will carry on the responsibility of your hands beauty by being decorated beautifully. Did you think about solar nails as a very easy way for a beautiful fingernails? Unless you think about it, now you should.

What is the difference between solar and acrylic nails?

Artificial nails can be your choice to get beautiful fingernails like acrylic nails or gel nails, but there is a choice that would be preferred more, it is solar nails. They may be an extension of acrylic nails but with some differences. While acrylic nails are just an addition to your natural fingernails, they are directly linked to your nails. So, instead of being artificial nails, they work as an empowerment for existing fingernails. Furthermore,  they are more durable than other types of artificial nails. While acrylic nails need to be renewed after a short time, solar nails lasts for more without losing their beautiful appearance easily. they give women a wide range of choices, either to choose the standard appearance or other various decorations, so they maybe the best choice for many occasions such as wedding or a casual date.

How to apply and take off solar nails

If you are looking forward to apply them and enjoy their wonderful appearance on your fingernails, you will be so happy to know that they can be easily applied at home and it is almost cheap to apply them in a nail salon. At home, you will just follow some easy steps to glue them directly to the end of existing nails.

solar powder to take off solar nails

  1. Clean your nails.
  2. Glue solar nails directly to the end of your existing fingernails.
  3. Put solar powder on the top of both solar nails and natural nails to allow them to unit together.

You can depend on yourself in this process but it is favorable to get help from your friend to make it much easier. The cost of applying them in a nail salon is not expensive at all, so if you want to avoid any mistakes you can go to the nearest nail salon to your home to apply them.

Regarding how to remove them, it is much easier than applying because solar nails themselves became flexible after some weeks, so you will be able to pry them easily without causing any damage to your natural fingernails. After that they will fall off.

Benefits of solar nails

There are some benefits that give them a better value over artificial acrylic nails such as:

  • they are refilled not replaced.
    what is unfavorable about acrylic nails in that while your natural fingernails are growing, a gap will appear between the polish and natural nails and that will push you to go to your salon to change them every two or three weeks at most. On the other hand, solar nails will not be replaced, they will just need to be refilled after three weeks.
  • they are not extensions.
    Extensions like acrylic nails may harm your natural fingernails if they were used for a long. they are not extensions, they are linked directly to your natural fingernails. And this allow them to be more durable than acrylic nails.
  • they don’t cause discoloration.
    In case of artificial nails, using nail polish over time will cause discoloration to your natural fingernails as they will become yellow. On the other hand, they will keep nail polish for longer time and they will not expose your natural finger nails to discoloration.
  • they makes your natural nails stronger.
    Unlike artificial nails that are affected by any pressure that would break them, they are much stronger and difficult to break because they are attached directly to natural nails to make a unit of strong and tough nails.
  • they are not affected by UV rays.
    Normal artificial nails such as acrylic nails and gel nails are badly affected by UV rays. Staying in the sun for long and exposing your acrylic nails to UV rays will change their color to yellow. This don’t happen in case of solar nails.

How long do solar nails last?

In general, they stay about three weeks without the need of filling, after that they become flexible to fall off easily by themselves and sometimes without noticing that. But don’t worry it is not painful and will not cause any harm to your natural fingernails. Your fingernails may just be a little bit weak for about one week.

What is the difference between solar nails and gel nails?

Both solar and gel nails are covered by a broad term called artificial nails. Artificial nails are accessories for natural finger nails. Some of them look as simple as natural nails while other have many decorative designs. Artificial nails are divided into two main categories, acrylic nails and gel nails. Solar nails are considered a modified extension of acrylic nails.

Solar nails

Solar nails

  • they are considered an example of acrylic nails. They are made from polymethyl methacrylate acrylics that includes two elements, a powder and a liquid monomer.
  • Solar nails harden after exposing the mixture of powder and a liquid monomer to the air.
  • they can be prepared easily at home if they broke down.
  • they are not natural in appearance.
  • The initial cost of applying solar nails is more than the initial cost of applying gel nails but the maintaining cost is less.
  • they can be taken off easily at home.

Gel nails

Gel nails

  • Gel nails uses polymer resins to be made following the application of three coats, base coat, polish color and the top coat that takes about three minutes under ultraviolet light to be done.
  • they are hardens after exposing to ultraviolet light.
  • they can’t be fixed at home if they were broken down.
  • Gel nails appears more naturally than solar nails.
  • The cost of applying gel nails is less than the solar nails initial cost but fixing cost is higher.
  • Gel nails removal is not as easy as solar nails and sometimes it requires acetone for removal.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Can be maintained easily at home if they were broken down.
  • They are more durable and last for a long period.
  • They are not expensive to apply.


  • They may cause your natural nails to be infected by bacteria.
  • They don’t have a natural appearance like gel nails.
  • Chemical fumes are used while applying solar nails.

Now you see how much beauty and further benefits that solar nails can add to your hands. They enable your finger nails to stay beautiful for longer time and without or with little fixing needs.

You may have previous experience about applying them or you may be just wondering if you can apply them now. Don’t hesitate to ask whatever you want in the comments and I will provide you with all required information. If you had already applied solar nails, kindly tell us about your experience and how they made you feel.

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